November 3rd, 2021

Cozy Games, founded in 2005, and guided by their motto “Anywhere and Anytime” is truly setting new standards for the gaming industry, as the company constantly challenges itself and pushes its boundaries. The company comprises of industry veterans who have the expertise, not only in-game development but also in reaching out to the customers and listening to their constant evolving demands. 

The company started as an effort of highly motivated individuals, and as of 2019, it boasts off an incredible collection of 500 games. They develop games and products ranging across various segments as well as have helped their affiliates in kickstarting a new casino business.

Top Features of Cozy Online Pokies

Cozy Games have been made available on three different platforms, namely, online, mobile, and social media games. Irrespective of the platforms, its games are rich in character development, story, and theme music. The 3D graphics lie at the heart of the games and truly keeps the players in their grasp. 

The slot machines feature wild cards, jackpot, bonus rounds, gamble features, and other characteristics that make their products truly incredible. This has helped them in assembling a wide range of gamblers from Europe, the Americas, and Australia. The products from the company can be listed under following categories.

Slot Machines

Cozy slot machines are known for being innovative and redefining the way slot machines have been traditionally developed. Every single machine from the company has a vividness. Its characters are developed, and their individual story arcs explored fully. 

The company also promises to allow its affiliates the controls to customize machines as per their needs. Hence Cozy casinos are emerging as the new favourite destination of gamblers. Its titles have been made available for a variety of platforms. Irrespective of being available on Facebook or mobile devices, the slot machines from the company maintain the unique flavour of the company.

Social Media Products

Cozy maintains a very strong presence on Facebook and has exclusively released titles for the platform. The players need not pay for these titles, and they can practice no deposit bonuses for fun on Facebook. This is one of the very few companies that have released titles exclusively for social media platforms.

Cozy Free Pokies

For the players who want to taste the waters and are new to gambling, Cozy have made the life easier by providing a number of free slot machines available on its website as well as playable at many casinos, and also online casinos in Australia. These free machines are great ways to learn to gamble.

How to Win in Cozy Games?

The company has developed its own Random Number Generator algorithm, which has been checked and controlled by many third parties auditors. This has helped them in maintaining fairness and transparency of their machines.

Because of RNG, it is not possible to predict the output of a spin. But here are a few steps that a player can follow to have a maximum chance of winning big while playing with real money.

  1. Select the right machine and exit before it starts turning cold.
  2. Machines are less likely to give a jackpot if someone else has won a jackpot recently.
  3. Always start with a small wager to maximize their stay at the machine.
  4. Some of the Cozy pokies include a gamble feature. Use gamble option with care as it can either result in doubling or loss of the entire amount won.

Cozy Mobile Games

The developers have taken care of the mobile compatibility as they incorporated HTML5 framework in developing the slot machines. This ensures that the machines are playable on any device. This is perfectly driven by the motto of the company “Anywhere and Anytime”. The gambler have the freedom of placing bets right from the palm of their hands, that too at any time they like.

Cozy License and Security

The company has obtained gambling licenses from multiple jurisdictions. These licenses are renewed from time to time. So while playing at a Cozy gaming venue, players need not worry about the licensing issue. 

The list of casino games by this provider is based on a royalty fee, and hence gamblers would always enjoy safe and secure gambling. 128 bit SSL encryption has been deployed by the network architect to protect their network. Thus quality and hassle-free gambling sessions await the players at Cozy casinos.

Concluding Word

Cozy gaming has had a successful run in recent years as its products have been appreciated by the players all across the globe. Their success can’t be labelled as beginner’s luck as the company has demonstrated its capabilities to tackle all the challenges in its path. From here, there is only one way for them, i.e. upwards and onwards.