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Keno Bonus Slots

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Keno is an interesting game on its own. Combined with slots, however, you are in for the ride of your life! iSoftbet saw the need to combine these two interesting games to come up with one interesting one dubbed as Keno Bonus slot by iSoftbet. 

It does come with a progressive jackpot which means that your winnings have the potential to grow as you play. Available symbols include the red 7s, silver 7s, letter k, diamonds, letter N and letter E.

How to Play Keno Bonus for Real Money?

You will be presented with numbers on a grid (1-80). Your job will be to choose spots (2-10) if you don’t wish to randomly select said spots using the auto-pick function. 

Bets can be placed anywhere from £1 up to £5. The gist of Keno Bonus free is to find three similar symbols in one row of the active payline.

There is one number that can potentially play the role of Wild and this is the number 0. Its presence can be used in place of another symbol to make for a winning outcome.

For example, if you happen to have two 7s in a given row followed by a 0, then that 0 can be used to stand for the missing 7 in order to get a winning round. 

Exciting as this may be, however, it is not possible to utilize the 0 in the same format when in the extra round of the Keno Bonus game. 

To help you along is a paytable which will make an appearance once you are done choosing your spots. This paytable will show you what you could potentially win depending on the matched you manage to make and the number of spots you happen to have chosen earlier in the game. 

Depending on the spots you choose and the number of matches you manage to make, your paytable will reflect these accordingly.

In order to have a better understanding of how these work, let’s take an example. Imagine you make a selection of 10 spots, and during the course of the game, you manage to hit all of them. What you will be presented with potentially is a £10,000 win! 

Following your spots selection, for every hit of the go button you make, a total of 20 numbers will be drawn. In the event that your selection is a match to the numbers drawn, you are in for a prize, which prize will then be recorded on your screen. 

When this is done, you will have the choice to continue playing by choosing another set of spots to work with.

How do the Winnings Compare in the Keno Bonus Slot?

Luckily, Keno Bonus casino slot online is a progressive jackpot game. This means that your prizes have the potential of progressively growing. These will, of course, depend on which line you choose to wager on. 

In order to win the jackpot prize, you would have to land three 0s on your active lines. The 0s would have to land on a given line in order to enjoy a given payout.

For example, you may land three 0s on the first lines thereby enjoying a 1000x bonus of what you would have otherwise been legible for. If on the other hand, you manage to get three 0s on the second lines then you will be presented with a 2000x bonus.

You may be wondering about what it takes to win the progressive jackpot in this casino machine. Well, you would need to land three 0s on the fifth line in order to make this happen!


Keno Bonus slot may be a simple-looking slot, but it does come with a number of twists and turns to keep you on your toes! This is no ordinary slot by any means as it incorporates the fair keno game. 

The process of playing Keno Bonus slot machine online is for the slot lover at heart and keno fanatic as it beautifully combines the two. The gist of the game is to select a number of spots and hope that the drawn numbers will be a match. In other words, this is definitely an interesting game to try out!

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