November 7th, 2021

Probability Gaming is a company based in India. It is focused on providing real-cash slot games to both online and land-based casino affiliate operators. Apart from creating a slot and table game modules, the company also has customised solutions that will help to manage its operations seamlessly. Founded in 2011, it has also expanded its operations to cater to fans of social gaming, and their game selections are accessible on mobile platforms.

Unique Offering

One of the unique things that the company offers  support through integration. The client does not have to rent the developer’s engine, as the list of modules that it creates can be easily integrated into the client’s existing game platform.

The company also has the engine to port the modules from the desktop version to mobile games version, making other modules accessible via mobile devices. All the game modules made here also employ heavy mathematics to ensure that the customer experience and the casino’s profitability is balanced.

Probability of Gaming Games and Pokies

Probability Gaming covers a wide spectrum of game designs and genres. It offers slot machines, table games, HTML 5 slots that are accessible on browsers, social casino modules, and live dealer selections.

Examples of Probability Gaming pokies and other casino favourites you will find here are:

  • Roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Poker
  • Baccarat
  • Sic bo
  • Slot jackpot

Since the company is leaning towards a business model called the white label, it is highly likely that the games they developed were rebranded as a particular casino’s own product. For the live streaming selections, they do not have their own studio, and it is the task of any casino, even an Australia casino online for real money, to facilitate the live dealer activities.

Mobile Gaming Platforms

Probability Gaming has a wide selection of playing modules that are accessed via mobile. It does not have an app on Google or Apple stores for the real cash casino, but the game selections can be accessed through the app of Probability Gaming casinos.

The developer uses HTML 5 technology to allow a player to play instantly with a browser. There is no need to download and install their games on a mobile device. Even the live dealer game options can work on HTML 5 technology.

Social Gaming

One of the latest releases from Probability Gaming casinos is the social slot casino, which now runs live on Facebook. The app is called Wanted Slots. You need to download it to your device or run it through Facebook. As a social game casino, it does not require that you bet real money. You can replenish your coins to play Probability Gaming free pokies if you get a bonus from the slot or others, or buy them with real cash. However, all winnings cannot be converted to cash.

With the social casino app, you can choose from 15 Probability Gaming online pokies and table games, and then join thousands of players online. The products found on this segment of Probability Gaming include the capability of users to invite friends, receive daily bonuses, display a leaderboard, and so much more.

Slot Strategies and Table Tips

The strategies that you need to apply in Probability Gaming games selections depend on the ones you chose to play. Blackjack would require that you have a set standard of what to do for card values you receive. At the same time, Probability Gaming slot machines entail that you manage your bet sizes to prevent your funds from getting depleted.

While most of the game selections are leaning towards chance, most especially slot machines, you can improve your odds in games like roulette and blackjack, both of which are offered in the portfolio of the software developer on both online and live dealer variants.

Probability Gaming License and Security

The company has its license from India. While it has been operating since 2011, it is still considered as a young developer. With this tenure, it has not yet reached its full capabilities, nor has it reached markets such as the UK where a license from the UK Gambling Commission is required.

Since the developer also has a strong focus on the social game aspect, there is no need to have a license for its slot machines or other offerings. For the real-cash games, the licenses to operate them would come from the casino operator, as Probability Gaming does not handle cash transactions, which means it cannot offer “no deposit bonuses”.

Closing Word

As a new kid on the block where the game selections are also offered in Australia, the company is doing well as it has a wide coverage of services. Unlike others, this company has ensured that it has its reach towards almost all aspects of the casino industry. This 2019, be it table games, live dealer games, or social, Probability Gaming has something to offer.