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How to recognise a safe casino website

Anyone who remembers these old British films of the fifties and sixties where some street corner “spiv” would appear out of the darkness, wearing a Zoot suit with very wide lapels and a tie with pictures of naked ladies on it, offering all kinds of goods and dubious services at a fraction of their costs. These were the guys that coined the phrase “fell off the back of a lorry” and similar. Anyone with any taste or sense ran a mile from these dodgy characters while there were no doubt quite a few who were taken in by their false promises of jazz and razzmatazz.

Trusted online casinos in Australia February 2018

Believe it or not there were even a lot of Australian internet casinos like that in the early days of the industry. It’s not that they were set up to deliberately con the public, more that the people behind saw an opportunity to earn some quick profits from the online gaming revolution. The problem was that they had no real idea how to operate an online casino and once the glitter began to fade and the players began to realize that they were playing in an uneven playing field and moved on; these shaky virtual casinos disappeared back into the darkness.

Since the onset of online gambling, around fifteen years ago, standards have been set to recognize what is a safe web casino where Aussie players can spend their hard earned leisure time in an environment that is as professional as it is secure, and concentrate all of their energies in having a good time without having to worry about being ripped off or becoming a victim of negligence.

Look for the eCOGRA seal of approval

There is no better organization than one that moderates itself. That was the motto that the major Australian and global casino networks adopted when they decided to form eCOGRA. eCOGRA was established in 2003 to act as an honest broker whose mandate was to establish a set of standards for online casinos. Standards that would provide players with all the protection that they needed to enjoy their pokie games and other online gaming activities with total peace of mind. eCOGRA took it upon them to ensure that casinos carrying their seal would establish and maintain the highest level organizational standards. The goal of eCOGRA was clearly set out and that was to validate every member as being a secure casino website.

Holding eCOGRA certification means maintaining levels of fairness toward the members, professional conduct, reasonable payout rates, and maintaining impeccable operating standards.

eCOGRA promotes responsible gaming

Responsible gaming is another delicate subject that eCOGRA have decided to tackle. Member casinos who identify a player who may be in distress due to excessive gaming may be suspended or even banned from not just a particular casino, but from every casino that carries an eCOGRA certificate, and that means just about every decent casino you will find online. A safe and reputable online casino is one that will take upon them to prevent a player from keeping their gaming levels to get out of control. By recognizing that this can happen means that they are maintaining the standards of a safe web casino, whose role is not only to protect the players from inscrutable casinos, but sometimes from themselves.