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Ukash changes the game

kash are not just big in Oz but all over the World, working in more than fifty countries to provide financial options for the public to purchase a wide range of goods and services. Unlike most traditional credit cards and web wallets, Ukash cards are financed by cash payments that can be easily acquired in the thousands of payment terminals that Ukash Australia operate in retail outlets throughout Ozland as well as online.

Ukash began in the UK and so popular is their concept that they are now available everywhere, and have been in Australia for two years, although it seems a lot longer.

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No Worries when you use Ukash

Why a lot of Aussies find Ukash so attractive is that if you deposit with your Ukash vouchers there is no need to provide any credit card details. Instead, all that is required is to submit a code number that is printed on each and every Ukash voucher and the funds are automatically transferred to their account. Ukash vouchers are available in fixed denominations ranging between ten to five hundred Australian dollars.

Whether it is an advantage or a disadvantage is difficult to figure out, but at least for the time being, it is not possible to withdraw funds from an online casino back into a player’s Ukash account. The latest news is that there are a number of online casinos that are beginning to offer this option to their favorite pokie players. In the majority of cases, withdrawals are made by check which can take a while to come through. If the withdrawal is above a certain figure, however, most serious Australian online casinos will spring for a courier service that will see the check arrive in the lucky winner’s home with a day or so.

Ukash can be bought with $AUD in total confidentiality

What must appeal to a lot of Australian casino members is the total confidentiality that financing an account through Ukash vouchers can bring. While it may not suit everybody to go around purchasing vouchers for cash, these players have the option to buy them online through their credit cards or by bank transfer, no matter what the method, it will never show up on any statement that these vouchers have been used to finance casino gaming.

Ukash is becoming the number one choice for a lot of Aussies thanks to its user friendliness, convenience, and totally anonymity and security that it guarantees.