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Mr. Cashman Slots

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Mr. Cashman is not an empty phrase for the gambling community – everyone familiar with fruit machines, especially casino players from Australia, knows this international icon of slotting which long ago has become a pure legend. His smiling face, old-fashioned hat, and a being a gold coin all epitomize recognizable features of gambling: luck, land-based approach and money relation. Aristocrat, the Aussie software house behind the gambling mascot, include Mr. Cashman as a major character on many other slot machines due to its incredible popularity. Multiple software providers, seeing the success within Mr. Cashman, are constantly trying to recreate something resembling and thus design their own universal mascots, but none of them is half as adorable as original Mr. Cashman. Well, this is quite a hyping personality throughout both gamblers and manufacturers. 

Despite Aristocrat incorporating Mr. Cashman at every opportunity, only the initial slot machine with  would always play the leading role. You will not come across Mr. Cashman slots game at online casinos – this machine has so much exclusivity that Aristocrat keep it for land-based venues only, sacrificing high demand from iGaming. But what makes Mr. Cashman slot so special? From visual perspective, it is quite an ordinary setup with a classic city skyline in the backdrop and a bunch of cute symbols in the foreground on the reels. The whole atmosphere points at a prior generation of gaming – there are no extraordinary numbers of lines, modern in-game features, extravagant bonuses. But this simplicity plus Mr. Cashman being very charismatic make related slots a desirable piece of gambling pastime anyway.

So, hold on with online slot machines because it is time to dive deeper and meet the real legend.

Interesting Features

With terrifyingly high variance, Mr. Cashman still throws out a whole lot of beneficial for players features that can rock the pockets. A creative move from Aristocrat about the overall gameplay is that multipliers, freespins, bonus games all remain intact meaning there is no possible way to control the bonusing process. Unlike many traditional slots when gamblers are to collect a certain number of special symbols to trigger some feature, Mr. Cashman lives life to the fullest and does not reveal its secrets till the very end – you never know what is awaiting the next corner. Except for Wildcards that act in a very traditional mode for them. In case you are interested, you will find a brief description of all base-game secrets below.


When Mr. Cashman character appears out of nowhere on the screen, you’d better prepare for some lucrative respin which might bring an immense prize within. Mr. Cashman is going to give the reels one proper roll, but at the same time apply a multiplier to a possible win – it could be a value ranging from x3 to x10 at maximum.


Another great random bonus in Mr. Cashman slot machine is that players could win up to 50’000 credits in a single hit which is additionally multiplied by the line bet. Instant cash prizes are nothing new, but still it looks and feels amazing.


50’000 coins at once sounds like an unattainable events, and indeed this is an extremely rare bonus to catch, so Mr. Cashman provides another alternative to all willing to grab a little bit of rewarding in credits. A frequent reward comes at a up-to-999-credits rate, and you may get rewarded with this random bonus after a long series of non-winning rounds.


Quickly reviewing bonus game features, there are two notable actions also being activated in a random fashion. First of ‘Match The Prize’ when gamblers are given two attempts at knocking out rewards – freespins and coin prizes. Second is something like choosing a feature when Mr. Cashman sets gamblers to decide which bonus is more applicable at a time.

Bonus Rounds

Mr. Cashman slot is a game where it is incredibly difficult to distinguish between what’s actually a bonus what’s just a feature – everything here has more or less bonusing effect on credit balance. But as it has been mentioned previously, two features can be classified as bonus rounds – Match The Prize and Choose A Feature because gamblers get rewarded with freespins there. Let’s recap this highly rewarding randomness in the following table. 



When the feature is triggered, players will be transferred to a new screen scattered with different starts. Behind these pictures there are cash rewarding up to 1000 credits or freespins. Gamblers might win up to 40 free rounds with a multiplier up to x5.

Here Mr. Cashman slots unleash more freedom and offer quite a simple choice: what would you rather – spins or guaranteed credits? If you reach out to a money bag, then you’ll be rewarded with up to 1000 credits. If you reach out to a gift box, then up to 15 spins with up to x5 boost are what you get.


Original gameplay includes a package of 20 win-lines with a 5×3 format. There might be a couple of slightly different slot machines really similar to classic Mr. Cashman, but they all have a various layout. A universal bet level in Mr. Cashman by Aristocrat begins at 0.01 credits per round and 1 credit maximum. Multiplying stakes by the full number of lines, the total bet would be varying from 0.20 to 20 credits per hit. Of course, you may go for a different number of paylines, but the regular slot tactics always involves the whole array due to increased chances for combinations.

Note that features are not available when you are playing at stakes lower than the maximum. Mr. Cashman variations have so-called ‘ante’ which means gamblers have to place an additional bet to activate all bonus features. Besides, a low point about the game is that it has been estimated to have a significantly high volatility – around 92%. So, if you want Cashman to share real money, go for maxes and be ready to cling to this pattern for some time.


Mr. Cashman, if speaking of the whole series, has been tested by time, players and casinos, so there are many reasons to be in love with this slot machine. Turning from the obvious street, Mr. Cashman is unprecedented because all in-game features remain encapsulated and a little remote – you never know the exact outcome until you explore it. Besides, the machine is rich and can get unreasonably generous. You just need to catch the flow.

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